cambridge carpet cleaning tips

Here’s 5 quick fire Cambridge Carpet Cleaning Tips to make sure you keep your carpets clean for years to come. Follow just some of the tips outlined in this post and you won’t go far wrong.

Cambridge Carpet Cleaning Tip 1. Vacuum your carpets regularly. I’ve placed this tip at the top of the list since I consider it the most important. Ground in dirt and dust is the largest contributor to excessive carpet wear. Make sure you’ve got a vacuum cleaner that has a rotating brush that make contact with the fibres and gives a thorough deep down clean.

Cambridge Carpet Cleaning Tip 2. If you spill anything on your carpet, don’t put any household cleaners on the stain. Simply grab some kitchen towel, moisten it slightly (small amount of water) and then place the tissue over the effected area. Continue to do this until the stain starts to disappear. If this doesn’t work, then call us out to treat the stain with our professional stain removers. If you get to most spillages quickly, you can extract the majority of t using this method.

Cambridge Carpet Cleaning Tip 3. Have your carpets stain protected. This basically allows you to mop up spillages quickly. They’re not designed to make your carpets bullet proof. It just gives you time to get the spillage mopped up quickly.

Cambridge Carpet Cleaning Tip 4. If you’ve got pets or children, you’re probably better to stay clear of wool carpets or carpets will wool in the fibres. Try choosing a 100 polypropylene carpet that’s great to keep clean and makes it easier to manage spillages. Wool tends to hold on the any moisture and in turn easily stained. If you can’t do without wool carpets, try laying them in places like bedrooms that get very little wear and very few spillages.

Cambridge Carpet Cleaning Tip 5. Get your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Once a year is ideal.

Cambridge Carpet Cleaning Tips

Cambridge Carpet Cleaning Tips

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